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Latest Camp Site Reviews
This Airbnb place was the worst experience I and my family have ever experienced.
1. Arrogant and rude landlady became aggressive.
2. Dirty place with mould.
3. Bullied my 2.5 years old son!!!
I found the place literally dirty. Small dirts over the floor, sofas, kitchen worktop, drawers. There was even the mould in the cupboards and a funny smell in the property. I went to look for a landlady named Sarah.
I rang the doorbell and when lady came out I said “Hello” and asked her if she is the landlady. Her answer was with arrogant and raised voice "Yes, I am". Then, I explained her nicely that the caravan is not very clean. She said that it was cleaned by her the day before. We went to see it. Her reaction was "It's clean". When I told her that I'd like somebody to clean it, even though, we can wait she said "What do you expect this is a farm and if you don't like it you can leave. I told her that I'll contact Airbnb for an advice. The representative asked me to send the pictures and as it was 7:30pm I was told that for this night we had to stay there!!!
Just when I finished the call, (I wanted to hoover and clean the place) landlady appeared and asked if we are staying. I told her that Airbnb said that we have to stay for this night. She became angry and said: "No, you are not going to stay here for 1 night! I don't do 1 night stays." Then she spotted my 2.5 years old child playing with some scrap metal outside the caravan and said "He is out of the control", she came to him pulled that thing from his hands still with almost shouting voice! Then, the landlady started to use not very pleasant language and told us to leave. Obviously, my son started to cry and was upset for a long time as he's never experienced something like this. As this was a farm where no other farms or houses were by it was dangerous to stay there from now.
I wanted to call a police but couldn't make a call as the signal was intermittent. Somehow, I managed to contact Airbnb again and the agent told me that the first agent didn't know what he was talking about... He said to leave and find something else and if they find that the place was dirty they'll issue me a refund!!!
- The mould is a big safety issue as one of us has asthma and another one is 2.5 y.o. child.
- The beds were messy and one bed sheet was still hanging outside.
- Even before check in the landlady didn’t reply to my messages, so I’m not sure why her response time is 1 hour!
- The landlady didn’t welcome us and when met her we didn’t feel welcomed at all!
- I can’t imagine what average clean person would be happy to stay in accommodation like this when just cleanness is considered.
 1 Star rating
Peter Hall
Points: 0
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