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Question: Desperately Seeking Friendly Campsites in the NorthWest-ish

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Posted on 27 Jun 2018 23:09

You would think that being friendly, cooperative and accommodating would come hand in hand with owning a campsite.
Alas, this is not the case.

I run family camping breaks, where families turn up to a furnished tent and have their meals cooked for them, while they enjoy the beauty of camping without any hassle.

I want to re-educate people in the beauty of camping and the great outdoors, in the hope that more children get the opportunities I did as a kid.

The idea is to visit many different sites, but I am forever coming up against resistance from camp site owners who 'don't accept groups' or 'won't take a booking of more than X tents' etc.

Although I want to book all at once and the guests might speak to each other, the families of each tent generally don't know each other and may not even choose to spend any time with their 'neighbours'... so you see, we're not a group.

If anyone can recommend any camp sites (ideally within about 50 miles of Preston) which might buy in to what I am trying to do and be happy to accommodate 6 family bookings for a weekend, please let me know their details ASAP.

Thanks in advance

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