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Camping in the UK National Parks

Camping in the UK National Parks

With 15 National Parks in the UK, each diverse in nature and utterly unique, campers, caravanners and motorhomers are spoilt for choice. Why go abroad when there is so much beauty, history and unadulterated wilderness to explore right here on our doorsteps? Staycation all the way! Our National Parks have something to offer everyone: cyclists, horse-riders, walkers, mountain-bikers, swimmers, photographers, nature lovers, families searching for space and freedom: whoever you are, you will find a reflection of yourself in the landscape of these incredible places.

We have identified five of our impressive National Parks as offering outstanding camping and caravanning opportunities and here you will find details of the campsites in National Parks located at the very heart of what these breath-taking regions have to offer. Whether you prefer a touring ground with the full range of facilities or you like a wilder camping experience, you should find a campsite that suits you and your group's or family's needs here.

Click into the details of an individual National Parks camping site and use our venue search to find attractions and venues closeby that individual site so that you can plan ahead. Similarly, you can use our cycle route maps to show where each individual camp site is located in terms of local and national cycle routes. Holidays in the National Parks build life-long memories.

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