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Camping near Bluebell Woods

Camping near Bluebell Woods

Witness the intoxicating scent of an iconically British experience this early summer with a walk through a bluebell wood. Even better: camp nearby bluebell woods and take your walk with the dawn chorus, when badgers and deer pick their nonchalant way across the carpet of wild flowers and late tawny owls weave their way back to roost.

In the heat of the day when the intoxicating scent of the bluebells fills the woodland and the air is thick with the promise of summer, it’s hard not to smile. Pack a cream-tea picnic with lemonade, throw open your gingham cloth under freshly-greened trees and listen to the thrum of rival woodpeckers overhead. The buzz of spring and the promise of summer shimmer with the blue of the bells.

Bluebell walks

Try a dusk bluebell walk, when the air vibrates with the iridescent light from millions of dripping blue stems, a magical time when the nocturnal woodland is about to awaken. Camping near bluebell woods provides magical starts and ends to your days. Ground yourself in the glow and scent of millions of tiny bells!

These campsites near bluebell woods are ideal spots from which to welcome in the summer and offer an unusual take on camping UK. Pitch-up, pack your picnic and head off to the woods.

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