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Lakeside Camping

Lakeside Camping

If camping is like family glue then, as our children get older and enter their teens, it can feel at times as though we need more of it!

But finding a teen-friendly holiday venue which provides a balance between the excitement and sociability that young people tend to crave and the relaxation and tranquillity that you feel like you deserve can be a challenge. So, that’s why we have created this particular specialism: Lakeside camping and caravanning with watersports nearby or on site..

On these pages you will find campsites and touring grounds set in beautiful surroundings, many on the edge of some of the country’s most beautiful lakes, providing the space and the facilities that you require to relax but with one significant difference: watersports either on-site or very nearby, and a whole raft (sorry!) of other activities besides! Wake-boarding, sailing, water-skiing, kneel-boarding, jet-skiing, wind-surfing or inflatable towing, many offering fully qualified instruction and all the necessary equipment needed to have a go and get wet.

These campsites near watersports, with their proximity to lakeside shenanigans will provide all of the adrenaline-filled fun, social activity and navel gazing that a young person will need to keep them smiling, whilst you can keep an eye (from a acceptable distance, of course!) and relax knowing that even the more temperamental members your family are happy but safe.

So, if you are not ready yet to say goodbye to your family’s tradition of camping or caravanning together, these campsites near water sports could be a great option for teen friendly holidays.

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