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Campsites Near Agricultural Shows

Campsites Near Agricultural Shows

As the summer approaches excitement and enthusiasm will grip the agricultural community once more and fervent preparations will get underway in farms, cottages and agricultural establishments, readying produce, livestock and machinery to shine and dazzle the judges and crowds at the regional agricultural show. A chance to showcase the best traditions and cultures of each rural region, these shows ooze pride and celebrate the glorious differences that still (phew!) exist in what can sometimes seem like a homogenous age. To the North, the South, the East and to the West of this fabulous country of ours, prizes will be awarded and crowds will be wowed.

These shows, some of them dating back hundreds of years, are essential opportunities for the agricultural community to come together, sharing news, ideas, approaches and memories. But they also make fantastic family days out with something for everyone, no matter what their persuasion.

Foodies - make sure you starve yourself for days beforehand; go-nil-by-mouth, storing just the amount of energy required to get you through the flaps of the Food Hall and then go crazy. Local ingredients are showcased on an unprecedented level at regional shows; the Food Hall is a great opportunity to wrap your tastebuds around local produce prepared through local food traditions. Tell your family where you are headed and then call for a rescue party after a few hours; oh, and order some kind of lift back to the car. Local wines, beers, ciders, ales, whiskeys (if you're at the Highland Show!) and fruit juices will be in abundance for you to wash it all down with. Job done!

If you're into crafts, then agricultural shows are a great place to visit to see what local artisans produce from the materials around them. Most of the larger shows and many of the smaller ones have a Craft Marquee, showcasing the best of local making. If you like a spot of shopping, save your pennies.

Kids - well. We've sung Old Macdonald to them for years, bought them plastic and wooden farms, made them wear fluffy sheep and cow costumes and bought them scale models of John DeereTractors (errm, well if you are really being honest about it, Dad, you bought that one for yourself...) so they are going to be more than happy to see it all in the flesh. And what flesh! Huge bulls with muscles down to their ankles; rams wearing horns like elaborate wedding hats; horses preened, proud and prancing; chickens in shapes and colours that surely God never really intended and a wealth of fairly outrageous 'main ring' acts to keep their little eyebrows right at the tops of their foreheads. It's a fascinating, educational fun experience.

On these pages you will find details of the main regional County shows across the UK and the campsites nearby, giving you easy access to the show ground during your stay. Each show is different, providing the combination of reassuring familiarity with the downright bizarre and unexpected that memorable family days out require.

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