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Welcome to Campsite Chatter’s camping blog, our musings, murmurings, experiences and pipe dreams about camping and caravanning in and around the great British countryside. We make no apology for being madly enthusiastic about getting away, about travelling in the UK, about having fun and about planning the next opportunity for turning our backs on everyday frustrations and heading for the hills. So, while we aren’t actually away and having fun, we like to spend at least some of our time writing about the camping adventures we have had and about those adventures in-the-pipeline. At Campsite Chatter we like to help our members, friends and followers to Find a campsite near the places, landscapes and activities that really make them tick. So we write blogs about the things that our members tell us they are interested in. We hope that our camping blog will help you to build your next camping adventure…promise you’ll post a review or two and upload some images of your trip to spread the joy?

We’re an eclectic bunch here at Campsite Chatter and enjoying a second youth, if the truth be told. Our UK travel blog reflects our ‘buffet’ approach to life, with all manner of pastimes tried and tested and a plethora of interests covered. Some of our camping blogs cover your usual topics, of course – we love dogs as much as the rest of you and camping with our respective furry friends often features in our musings and mutterings. Our respective mid-life crises, however, has driven us to take all manner of other angles on camping, so you’ll find scuba diving, coasteering, wild-swimming, metal detecting, island-hopping and cycling reflected in our camping blog too. Want to base your camping trip around a quirky tourist attraction to keep everyone smiling? Into your food and looking for a campsite near a county show where you can sample and savour the scrumptious morsels made and produced in the region you are visiting? We’ve got all the angles covered here in our camping blog.

It’s not all activity, activity, activity, though. We often run competitions on Campsite Chatter with some great camping-related prizes. So, you’ll find that there is always an article about the competition we are currently running reflected on our UK travel blog pages too.
Items Commonly Forgotten for Camping

There are few things more enjoyable than spending a few days camping with your friends or family. The feeling of living on the land and enjoying the natural beauty of the world simply cannot be beat. While camping may seem like a simple activity, there are actually a lot of things you need to bring on the trip. Since you do not want to be forced to leave the campsite to visit Camp Smart, these are five commonly forgotten items you must remember before leaving the house for your next camping trip...
Created: 23 Aug 2019
No dogs, please! Dog free campsites in the UK.

Looking in from the outside, it might well appear that us Brits have a few core interests in common...our relationship with the pub being one, of course, not to mention fish and chips, our obsession with ...
Created: 20 Mar 2015
Campsites in Wales - follow the red dragon

You may have noticed recently the increase in adverts willing you to visit Wales. These images are often of an active subject: a young man clings laughing to the handles of his kite as he surfs, trailing wet hair and sp...
Created: 24 Apr 2014
Things to do in Anglesey

If ever there's a time and place to reconnect with nature, surely, it's the Isle of Anglesey in summer. Whether your motorhome carries you along the spectacular coastline speckled with beaches and quaint harbours with ol...
Created: 03 May 2018
Campsites in Cornwall - Oggy! Oggy! Oi, Oi, Oi!

Cornwall is famous for a myriad of wonderful qualities: for its fabulous beaches, its coastal path and its climate, for its accent and dialect, for its impossible place names, its Oggies, muggety and limpet pies (real...
Created: 17 Apr 2014
Things to do in Pembrokeshire

They say you're never more than 14 miles away from the coast when you're in Pembrokeshire. No wonder Wales is celebrating its 870-mile coastline this year with a series of themed events that come under the umbrella of th...
Created: 25 Apr 2018
Bunkhouses and Camping Barns for Group Adventures

Camping barns, camping hostels and bunkhouses are all terms used to describe some of the buildings on campsites around the UK which stand testament to the spirit of diversification that many UK farms and ...
Created: 11 Feb 2015
Campsites in Devon - ooh-arr!

OK, let's get all of the stereotypes out of the way in the first paragraph, shall we?

Let's call a boy a 'bay', and head down to the shore dreckly (directly). And, if 'tis not bloin' a hooley, we'll just crocky down t...
Created: 16 Apr 2014
Caravanning this Easter

Easter caravan breaks have it all: the weather, the smell of fresh blooms, and the fun. Whether it's a boat race or a goat race you're looking forward to this Easter, you're likely to find one roaming aboard your tourer....
Created: 15 Mar 2018
Make a splash - Campsites with Swimming Pools

For many campers, finding a campsite with a pool is an essential component in planning that perfect camping holiday. Be that a pool with flummage for the kids (big kids included!) can chuck themselves...
Created: 20 Jan 2015
Wigwam Holidays - the latest glamping giggle

The latest glamping trend places wigwams under the looking glass and Alice wouldn't look out of place in these winsome structures. If you've not seen one, they look a tad like a bee hive and if you've not stayed in one ...
Created: 15 Apr 2014
Four Fun Things to do in Dorset

A land of contrasts, Dorset can take you back 185 million years, and it can just as easily amaze you with some of the most futuristic architecture in the country. Whichever place in space and time you want to explore, th...
Created: 07 Feb 2018
Campsites for Detectorists

After the success of BBC 4's The Detectorists in the autumn of 2014, an endearing bitter-sweet comedy following the loves and fortunes of a pair of unlikely friends allied by their passion for metal detec...
Created: 14 Jan 2015
Glamping Devon - Luvvlee!

Born in Yorkshire, bred in Devon I'm an odd mixture of cultural influences. I'm proud to say I can fluctuate fairly bewilderingly between the two accents depending on who I am speaking with. And now that I am well and ...
Created: 14 Apr 2014
Places to visit in the Channel Islands

Small as they may be, the Channel Islands are brimming with year-round attractions, but two of the islands are particularly bustling this time of year. Visiting Jersey and Guernsey invariably takes you on a quest for dis...
Created: 23 Nov 2017
WIN! 12v WAECO camping kettle by Dometic

12v Camping Kettle - 5* test winner in Practical Motorhome!

RRP £44.99

We've teamed up with our friends at Dometic to provide this fabulous prize - a WAECO Perfect Kitchen 12v camping kettle, ideal...
Created: 13 Jan 2015
Walking holidays, UK

Between 2003 and 2005 my husband and I moved abroad for discovery, exploration and new horizons, hitting upon Nepal as a good a place as any. Based in the frenetic capital of Kathmandu, our eagerly awaited holidays were...
Created: 10 Apr 2014
Events in Yorkshire

When scouting for heavenly places to visit and unwind over the next few months, look no further than God's Own Country. Well, that may be a bit further than you'd expect, but the Yorkshire pudd, pikelets, relish, cheese ...
Created: 12 Sep 2017
Holidays for Couples - Romantic Camping

Brownie points - the basis of every successful relationship, right? You win them, you lose a few, but as long as you finish each week up on where you started, chances are it will be a long and fruitful un...
Created: 16 Dec 2014
Log Cabin Holidays UK

if you had the time and money to set up self-catering accommodation and weren’t sure what to invest in, glamping or self-catering log cabins would be a good bet as demand for them is high and yet there aren’t that many a...
Created: 09 Apr 2014
Events in Essex

Visiting Essex? With over 350 miles of coastline, a treasury of pre-historic monuments, a cluster of creeks and marshlands, and networks of thatched houses in charming pastels, it's no wonder you're raring to go. Defiant...
Created: 19 Sep 2017
Camping with Kids

OK, so this is not a blog about wild camping, or helping your kids bond with nature through camping (for ideas on where to camp for a more natural experience you might like to look at our Camping in th...
Created: 15 Dec 2014
Personalising your caravan and motorhome interior

Alas, the summer season is at an end. The children are back to school and the days are a little less bright, a little less warm, every day from here on in. If, like me, summer is your favourite time of year, this chang...
Created: 12 Sep 2017
Campsites that allow fires? Now we're talking!

Camping is about fun, right? About waving goodbye to the frustrations of adult inhibitions for a few days at least? Well, in our opinion there's nothing more fun than building a campfire, nothing mor...
Created: 12 Dec 2014
Nostalgia with Mod Cons: UK Holiday Parks

If you're looking for lashings of Nostalgia with all the mod cons, why not book a stay at a UK Holiday Park?

Technology, speed and efficiency: sometimes it feels like we’re living in a whirlwind of ‘new’. And while we ...
Created: 02 Apr 2014
Glamping in Cornwall

Cornish camping may have its perks, but clearly not as many as glamping in Cornwall. After all, why would you let packing, carrying and pitching a tent pull you away from the beauty of an idyllic setting, even if only fo...
Created: 25 Aug 2017
Adult Only Campsites and Adult Only Caravan Sites

Littlies, youngsters, striplings, rug rats, ankle biters...It's not that we don't like them per se (although some of us may consider ourselves more allergic than others). And we're certainly not denyi...
Created: 11 Dec 2014
Hair bugbear? 5 Day Routine for Campers Who Care

Keeping your hair under control on day one of a five day camping trip shouldn't be too tricky for most of us. But day two, after a night with your head rolling around on a camping mat and pressed up against canvas? Oh,...
Created: 27 Mar 2014
Days out in somerset

'The Jewel of the South West' keeps morphing into a bigger and brighter county every few years, drawing more and more visitors eager to spend their days out in Somerset doing something new and exciting. For those of you ...
Created: 04 Jul 2017
New Years Eve Camping

Yes, yes, yes. We know it's about champagne and fireworks, about reflecting on the year past and making plans for the year ahead; we know it's about being merry and getting merry...but after decades ...
Created: 01 Dec 2014
Win a WAECO CoolFreeze CDF 16 worth £430!

win a waeco coolfreeze cdf 16 worth £430, brand new for 2014!

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Created: 27 Mar 2014
Destinations in Scotland

There's only so much you can see when you tour the same country and spend your nights at the same caravan parks. Driving your motorhome or caravan up to the 'Land of the Brave' is a good way to enjoy a change of scenery,...
Created: 04 Jun 2017
Winter Glamping in the UK

If the word "Winter" is synonymous in your mind with keeping cosy, indulging in a hot toddy or two and admiring the patterns made by the frost from within a secure and heat-tight structure, then indul...
Created: 01 Dec 2014
Camping near 360 views resets your perspective

Camping during the shimmering heat of high summer on Exmoor one year, we decided to head for Dunkery Beacon, one of the highest points in the South of England. The walk through shimmering heather was pleasant, certainly...
Created: 18 Mar 2014
Beaches in Devon

Devon is undeniably one of the most popular areas for beachgoers across the country who like to enjoy their caravanning holidays to the full. There's no shortage of beaches in Devon, each one more beautiful than the last...
Created: 29 Mar 2017
WIN! 12v Solar Battery Charger for greener touring

12v Solar Battery Charger - 40w Briefcase

RRP £120.00 (inc VAT & delivery)

We've teamed up with our friends at Sunstore to provide this fabulous prize - a Sunstore 40w Solar Battery Briefcase Charger, th...
Created: 12 Nov 2014
Teen-Friendly Family Camping Holidays

I've spent 18 years teaching teens in various educational establishments and I remember horribly clearly the hormonal mix of depression, ecstasy and fury that gripped my own soul during those tempestuous years oh-so-long...
Created: 10 Mar 2014
Beer festivals

Does your mind wander off to child-free days and activities? Then hop on board the caravan and put your party hat on, because countless beer festivals across the UK would be happy to have you and only you as their guest....
Created: 11 Jan 2017
Camping in the Peak District

With over 10 million visitors every year, you'd think that the Peak District National Park would seem pretty tight-packed. Thankfully, though, there is still plenty of peace and tranquility to be enj...
Created: 01 Oct 2014
Chicks and lambs...ARRRR! 'Tis Easter!

i started keeping chickens in 2006 when my other half drove me down to wadebridge, cornwall, to a farm selling point-of-lay hybrid hens. we came home with six lovely, slightly concerned looking girls. i was sold on chi...
Created: 10 Mar 2014
Food Festivals UK

A caravanner's or motorhomer's meals aren't always fast and easy. Every now and then, we all need a little something to titillate those taste buds. Come in the many food festivals UK-based and with worldly access ...
Created: 03 Jan 2017
WIN A WAECO 12V LAPTOP CHARGER and stay in touch!

Win a WAECO 12v LAPTOP CHARGER worth £88.99!

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Created: 09 Sep 2014
Whose is that dog?

Meet Louis.

We brought Louis home in the April of 2007 and, if it isn't too much of a cliche, he changed our lives. We knew from the moment we collected him when, instead of cowering in the backseat of the car, he rode...
Created: 27 Feb 2014
Things to do in Ireland

Ah, Ireland, 'The Emerald Isle'! A fairy-tale land where people like to follow the rainbow to see if there's a pot of gold on the other side. At least that's how we like to think of it. But you don't need to be chasing t...
Created: 31 Aug 2016
Are these the UK's most Eccentic Attractions?

OK, let’s just cut to the quick here, shall we? The British…there’s a quirky side to our national identity. Perhaps it’s the legacy of a repressed Victorian attitude – bubbling beneath the sensible,...
Created: 05 Sep 2014
Wild Swimming-uninhibited, unadulterated pleasure

i introduced myself to wild swimming in the summer months of 2013 when blistering temperatures day in day out threatened to bake the brains and the body longed to move without being swathed in sweat. local outdoo...
Created: 23 Feb 2014
Make your holiday more fun……..cook on a fire pit!

Are you ready for an exciting summer? Do you love scrumptious food when you are away? If yes then read on because we have looked into the ingenious method of fire pit cooking. But first let’s just check if you are ready ...
Created: 25 May 2016
Camping near your Favourite Beach Activities

From the shush of the waves to the shift of the sand, from tidal fluctuations to the dynamic play of light on the water’s surface, we find ourselves mesmerised by every aspect of the sea and at this t...
Created: 27 Aug 2014
Scuba - it keeps you young

Yes, Scuba Diving keeps you young - that's why scuba divers are all so beautiful(!)

We all know that to learn is to grow and that those who fully embrace the concept of life-long learning are those who do seem to...
Created: 19 Feb 2014
Camping with dogs…….paws for thought!

Many campsites across the UK now accept dogs, which is great considering that so many Brits choose to share their homes and lives with adorable furry friends! However if you want to visit sites that are super dog friendl...
Created: 19 Apr 2016
Take advantage of offers on these great campsites!

If you are looking for a last minute camping pitch on a great site this summer, or if you want to book a pitch now for later in the year and you are looking for a discount, then why not book one of these campsites, touring grounds and holiday parks and receive a very welcome discount off the price of your holiday? If you book your pitch through Campsite Chatter before the end of August 2014, you can enjoy a 10% discount. Camping, the bes...
Created: 30 Jul 2014
Mummy, who are they?

Scuba Divers really do come in all shapes and sizes, so much so that to happen upon a scuba club or group at a post-dive pub meet (they do a lot of this!) is to witness an eclectic group often cutting across age b...
Created: 19 Feb 2014
Family Camping Games & Activities

After an especially horrible rainy winter season (mild as well so no snow fun!), this March has come as an exceedingly welcome surprise with the numerous sunny days we have had. This has surely put many of us caravan own...
Created: 14 Apr 2016

Win a WAECO ICEBOX worth £139!

Simply write a campsite review on any Campsite or Caravan Park on Campsite Chatter and you will be entered into the prize draw.

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Created: 22 Jul 2014
Q: Where do island dwellers go to escape?

Answer: To even smaller islands.

How many times do we give or receive advice to 'put some distance between yourself and that thing that is sure to drive you mad' or to 'get away from it all...'...
Created: 19 Feb 2014
Campsitechatter Specialisms

The up and coming holiday season is imminent and many campers and caravan owners are beginning to plan their next journey and adventure. Most campers choose where to go based on where they want to explore next………a new ar...
Created: 03 Apr 2016
Are these the UK's Most Dog Friendly Campsites?

Apart from the fact that you could well end up paying more for your dog to stay in kennels for one night than you might be paying for your own camping pitch, it just doesn't feel right to leave the...
Created: 24 Jun 2014
Camping and Surfing – it’s family glue!

Family holidays at the beach are popular for a very good reason: there is generally something for everyone to do. And with the increase in multi-generational holidays being taken by families in the UK, finding a ...
Created: 17 Feb 2014
Why camp when you can glamp?

‘Glamping’ basically means glamorous camping, a twist on the traditional camping get away. Glamping has made the idea of camping much more appealing to a wider audience. Do you hate sleeping on the hard ground? Are you s...
Created: 17 Feb 2016
Camping in the Forest

Camping under chlorophyll is a liberating experience. Woodlands offer peace and tranquility, of course, but also mystery, atmosphere and intrigue as the faces of the forest change with the seasons...
Created: 16 Jun 2014
Cycling + Camping = Cycle camping!

If you haven’t yet noticed, two-wheeled excitement is hotting up for this summer’s Tour De France Grand Depart in Yorkshire, with cycling related initiatives from local artists’ commissions for bike-shaped pavement bench...
Created: 15 Feb 2014
Wild Camping On Dartmoor – A National Park of Mist

This week we are focusing on Wild Camping on Dartmoor as this National Park was the closest one to me and is a great love of mine!

We are blessed here in the UK with having a comprehensive list of National Parks...
Created: 10 Feb 2016
Naturist Camping UK

The fact that it took so long to find a suitable main image for this blog speaks volumes about the way that the human body is portrayed in the media. Could I find an image of a naked body in...
Created: 19 May 2014
Too dark to play? No way! Top 10 family games

In these long winter months, with school lasting from dark 'til dark, how can we get our kids out of doors to play? Well, there are lots of great games that you and your family can play, either camping or at home in the...
Created: 21 Jan 2014
The Caravan, Camping and Motorhome Show 2016

Get all the inspiration you need for the holiday season ahead!Does this UK constant rainy weather make you dream of the up and coming holiday season? Are you planning this summer’s camping vacations or holidays in your c...
Created: 01 Feb 2016
A-Z of City Camping

City camping? Eh? Try to clear from your mind disturbing images of your family pitching a tent on a hard, cold pavement or in a dark corner of a public park. We're not advoc...
Created: 19 May 2014
We have ourselves a camping cook-off!

Perhaps you were on a romantic camping weekend for two and tried to win your way to someone’s heart through their stomach? Or maybe you were cooking for a group of camping buddies and the pressure was on? In spite of ou...
Created: 16 Jan 2014
Hiring an American RV: The differences between UK

Regardless of where you’re off to, hiring an RV or camper when on your travels is a great way to see the sights whilst saving money on accommodation. But you may be surprised to hear that renting an RV in the states is s...
Created: 13 Oct 2015

With our friends at Woolacombe Bay Holiday Parks situated on the beautiful North Devon coast, we are giving away a family holiday worth up to £497!

To enter, simply visit our Facebook page and click the Competition butt...
Created: 14 May 2014
Elderflower Champagne - Camping Champagne 30p/ltr

At Campsite Chatter we're so excited about the summer that we decided to make - hic - our own summer fizz for that fabulous moment when you have pitched up on your campsite and can propose a toast to summ...
Created: 02 Jul 2015
Top 7 UK Glamping Pitches

My, my, folk are getting increasingly inventive with the glamping options they are tempting us with. Glamping in the UK now embraces pods, buses, domes and converted vehicles of every description: anything goes! Quirky, romantic and often surprisingly luxurious, you certainly won't be rummaging through your memory looking back on one of these holidays. Here are the pitches that have tickled us recently at Campsite Chatter. If one morning you ...
Created: 07 May 2014
Win a Royal Canterbury Heater (RRP £299)

For your chance to win all you have to do is “Like & Share” our Facebook page.

Some information on the Royal Canterbury Heater

Beautiful traditional stove style real flame effect LPG gas heater.

Created: 18 Sep 2013
Campsites in Scotland - a year of #Homecoming

You may have noticed that 2014 is a bit of a big year for Scotland and Scottish tourism, what with the Commonwealth Games descending on Glasgow in July and August and the Ryder Cup taking place in Perthshire in September...
Created: 01 May 2014
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pinboards are visual collections of things you love, places you want to go and experiences you want to share.

people use pinboards on campsite chatter to plan their next holiday, record their recent trips, share common interests with the community and much much more….

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janice and her husband go on long tri...
Created: 06 Sep 2013
Have we found the Best Campsite in Wales?

Claiming that you've found the 'best campsite in Wales' might seem a bit forward, a tad confident, a tall claim indeed, especially as the choice of camping in Wales is a fabulously varied affair. And, we...
Created: 30 Apr 2015
Camping Near UK Attractions - less wallet pain

Fun needs to be had. It's a fact of life and just because we are currently existing in what people describe as 'hard times', 'the squeeze' and 'the (uggghh) age of austerity' doesn't diminish our need to punctuat...
Created: 28 Apr 2014
Win a Dometic Combicool RC2200 worth £299.99

simply write a review on any campsite or caravan park on campsite chatter and you will be entered into the prize draw.

we are aiming that you will receive the coolbox before christmas!

you will be entered once ...
Created: 05 Sep 2013
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