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Active Farm Campsites

Active Farm Campsites

There is only one thing more wonderful than holding a freshly laid egg warm in the palm of your hand and that is cracking it open and cooking it on your camping stove for breakfast.

Which is why we have created this camping specialism on Campsite Chatter: active farm campsites where you and your family can immerse yourself in the rhythms of countryside life, reconnecting with one another whilst camping in the midst of the gentle, relaxed busy-ness of a farm. Easter lambs, ducklings, horses and naughty goats - ahhh - it gets to all of us, even the most resolutely hard-hearted! Get some quality time with one another by camping on an active farm - the best of family holidays.

Here we have identified camping sites and touring grounds where children (and, let’s face it, adults too!) can have hands-on experience of feeding and caring for animals and can scrutinize (avidly, with abolutely no inhibitions whatsoever, in that way that only children do!) the daily activities that take place on either a small holding or farm. Be that tractor-mad kids who learned their colours by knowing their Tractor Brands (“My apple is Massey Fergusson, Daddy, but yours is John Deere!) or children who are transformed by the experience of being close to animals, mesmerised by their touch and their movements. We love camping and caravanning because it helps to link us to the land – well, active farm campsites go one step further.

And for those of us needing to happily fill what can be some rather long days of camping with small people, life on an active farm campsite makes living outside with little-uns even easier: it provides activities for kids, something to talk about, something to do and helps to build a daily routine of ‘tasks’ to keep small but busy hands, feet and minds occupied.

By the end of your holiday, you'll be amazed by how much your child seems to have grown. Perhaps it is being immersed in the new language associated with a farm - ‘chicken’ isn’t specific enough anymore; it’s ‘Light Sussex’, ‘Rhode Island Red’ and ‘Orpington’. Quite simply, children love it.

Oooh-arrr! See - it brings out the big kids in all of us!

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