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Camping & Caravanning Specialisms

Sometimes we go away because we want to explore a new area or region. At other times we want our camping or caravanning to go hand in hand with the activities or interests which make us feel happy and fulfilled. For some of us our personal circumstances are unusual - our family may have particular needs or we may be travelling in a group - and this drives where we stay and why. That's why Campsite Chatter has created our camping specialisms where we have identified campsites near outdoor activities that you enjoy and particular types of campsite that meet your particular needs.

Here we have cycle camping, surfing camping, scuba diving camping, active farm camping...Why not combine the versatility of camping with that hobby, interest (or, let's be honest, downright obsession for some!) that leaves you smiling? Watch this space - we will be adding new specialisms all the time to reflect your favourite outdoor activities (and indoor ones too!).

For each specialism we have identified a number of geographical hotspots, so that you can not only choose why you are going away but where specifically you would like to be when you are doing that thing that you or a loved one enjoys so much. But what if you are a newcomer to one of these activities? Well, that's OK as we have tried to reflect the needs of both newbies and old pros when selecting our hotspots.

What should you do if you don't see yourself reflected in these camping specialisms? Contact us by email on [email protected] and tell us about what you love to do (we're fairly broadminded, so don't be shy in coming forwards!) If your suggestion is legal (hem!), we may create a specialism just for you!

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