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Campsites near Dog Friendly Pubs

Campsites near Dog Friendly Pubs

Now, there really is nothing quite like relaxing with a long drink at the start of a lazy afternoon or balmy evening in a British pub be that a coastal hosterlry, a pub that is steeped in quintessential countryside or a welcome house with mountain views. Perhaps you'll enjoy more than one drink, get peckish and order some food or even stay for a full meal? Maybe you're with your family or on holiday with a group of friends, or perhaps it's just you and your special, signficant other?

REALLY dog friendly pubs

For many of us camping or caravaning near a decent pub is a must and, if you've brought along the furry-pawed members of your clan, a great pitch within walking distance of one of the many dog friendly pubs in the UK is essential. Many pubs accept dogs in their gardens, even dogs in the bar area but this is not the same as saying that a pub is 'dog friendly'. Dog owners want to feel that both the human and the wetter-nosed members of the group are welcome and catered for and that they aren't putting anyone else out by being there.

So, Campsite Chatter has put together this listing of campsites near dog friendly pubs, sites within walking distance of a celebrated establishment serving decent grub and drinks as well as welcoming the hairier-toed punters with open arms too.

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