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Camping Sites in England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland

Welcome to your definitive guide to cool camping sites, share your own UK experiences. We have nearly 6,000 campsites in England, Wales, Scotland and the Channel Islands for you to click through.

Whether you are looking for a camping site for your Motorhome, Caravan or Tent, or you are looking for a small campsite with a Pod or a Yurt, then you will easily find it here on Campsite Chatter.

We have created a place to share ideas, photos and experiences of your favourite camping places, sites and holidays via our pinboard section. Make friends with people with similar interests and follow people that are perhaps visiting the types of places you have always wanted to visit. Check out our latest pinboards and sign up and start sharing today.

We have a unique search mechanism which allows you to find campsites close to a venue you are visiting. Maybe you are visiting Alton Towers. We can show you all the campsites within a chosen distance of that venue. We have information on nearly 400,000 venues so simply click “Visiting an Attraction” above and give it a try!

We also give the unique ability to see a list of places, attractions and shops around a particular UK campsite having up to 850 to choose from. So, when you are on a campsite simply visit Campsite Chatter and we will give you information, photos and driving directions to the attraction of your choice.

If you are looking to plan your next Camping or Caravanning holiday then look no further than CampsiteChatter!
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Truly awful.

Terrible customer service. The worst I have ever experienced anywhere. I called them today to ask a question about a narrow boat and as I was asking, the following was said to me - " you said this would be a quick question, this aint the ten fucking commandments mate" then the phone was put down on me.

Never experienced anything like it. If you want your day ruined give them a quick call.
 1 Star rating
Chris Barnard
Points: 0
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