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Question: Right Tactical Boots For Camping?

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Posted on 24 Oct 2022 17:08


I am here after a long time. My question is about camping boots that could be useful for hiking, hunting and further camping activities in rocky areas. I purchased a waterproof pair of shoes last month and used them for 3-4 days, and now, I have a severe kind of itching. According to my husband, it happened because the boots were not breathable.

By the way, I also consider my sensitive skin a reason for that problem. I don't wear tight bangles and jewellery because I get an allergic reaction soon. So, I am here to get suggestions about a breathable but waterproof, lightweight camping boot.
In this regard, I shortlisted Garmont boots from here because they are considered lightweight, and I also heard they don't pinch the feet. Similarly, I also read an article that says trail runners could also be worn for camping. Is it true?

All in all, I need your suggestions. You can also recommend brands other than Garmont but make sure they are not more expensive than $300.

Other tips to heal itching are also welcomed.

tactical boots
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