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Question: Is this asking price fair?

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Posted on 03 Mar 2022 06:29

Hello. I have been offered a 3rd hand 6 Berth Bailey Ranger 620/6. It has been left outdoors and unloved and unused in a boat yard for 3 years. The putter is covered in green algae. There is green mould on the cupboard interiors. The toilet and shower sky light was left open and so lots of leaves and debris in carpet and some damp although floors not spongy. The water tank has been removed. The 3 way fridge is broken and two of the electric plug sockets are not working and so I’d need an electrician to come and look. The electrics work and lights work although 3 of the halogen bulbs need replacing. The gas bottle is missing so I’d need to buy new and a new hose. It needs a massive clean inside and out. Tow hitch is ok/ seal has gone to large front window.

The seller wants £6000 for it in this condition.

Does this seem reasonable?

What would you offer for a van in this condition?
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