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 Surfing Camping in the UK

Surfing Camping in the UK

There are reportedly over 250,000 surfers in the UK and with such a stunning and varied coastline there’s no wonder that UK surfing holidays are increasingly popular.

Perhaps you have always surfed, seduced by those early exhilarating experiences of being tossed about by the power of summer holiday waves on Cornish and Devon beaches. Or perhaps it is something that you have found more recently when you joined the ranks of the Weekend Warriors who clock-watch those last few hours of a Friday, glued to surf updates on, scanning for those magical words, “4-5 foot and clean; get yourself down here!” The car, camper or motorhome has been packed up since the night before - head for the coast! For whatever reason, if you are forever looking for good UK surfing campsites, these pages are designed for you. And if you are more into kitesurfing or stand up paddle boarding (SUP), and want to organse your kitesurfing holidays, look no further.

Surfing and camping in the UK - these two things have always gone hand in hand. With our breathtakingly diverse coastline and such a strong camping and caravanning tradition in the UK, surfing campers are spoilt for choice. Here we have identified UK surfing campsites near some of the UK’s top surfing hotspots, to aid you in your search for the right pitch for you and your significant others - oh, and your board – be that in the summer months or through the winter when, with a little imagination and a smidgen of that hardiness that UK surfers are proud to have in their blood, chunky swell and clean faced waves can be found.

And, perhaps you are the significant other of a surfer and want a bit more from a camping holiday than just being close to the waves? On these pages you will be able to find camping and touring within laughing distance of the beach but with the other features and facilities that you require to make the holiday comfortable, memorable and fun. For those of us who used to be footloose and fancy (before children, that is) you will also be able to search for family-friendly sites and use our venue search which gives details of the hundreds of attractions and venues in the vicinity of each individual camp site. So everyone in your family can be happy!

Surf's up!

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