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Garden Camping

Garden Camping

For many of us the unique environment of our chosen campsite is essential to the enjoyment of our stay. The campsite isn't just a base from which we head out each morning and to where we return in the late afternoon to refuel before the next day's excursions. Many campers spend a considerable amount of time in their campsite's grounds, soaking up the atmosphere, enjoying the ambience, drinking in the tranquility and appreciating the care with which the grounds have been planned and managed. You don't have to be green fingered yourself to relish the experience of simply being in a beautiful garden.

The campsites on these pages have all been identified as having notable gardens and grounds, enjoyed and commented on by visitors who return year on year to enjoy the burst of spring, the bloom of summer and the blush of autumn, as feast for the senses. At Campsite Chatter we're going to call this kind of camping experience garden camping.

Beautiful Campsites, UK

Of course, no two campsites are the same - and hoorah for that, as no two camping families are alike in their needs and preferences either. Some of these campsites with gardens are caravan parks and holiday parks boasting highly landscaped grounds, immaculate borders, lakes and paths. Others are back-to-nature campsites embracing a wilder approach to gardening, benefitting from wild flower meadows, woodland walks and burbling streams.

All, though, are beautiful campsites providing very real pleasure to their visitors. Read each site's individual listing for the specific details of their facilities and topography.

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