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Camping near Scottish Lochs

Camping near Scottish Lochs

Steeped in Gaelic tradition and shrouded in the history of Scotland, its lochs, both salt-water and freshwater, entice thousands to their shores each year. Whether it's for the vastness and depth of their waters, for the reflections of changing weather, fells and mountains on their surface, or for the history and beauty of the crumbling castles perched on their brinks, these lochs fascinate and mesmerize.

The Beauty of Scottish Lochs

Iconic and beautiful, these vast bodies of water with their tantalising myths and entwined legends, offer perfect centres for camping and touring holidays. The shifting moods and transitory reflections provide a photographer's dream. The routes surrounding the lochs, through forest, over moorland and scaling mountains offer walker both challenge and delight. The crisp, clear waters provide a lifetime of choice for wild swimmers (steamer wetsuits required!) . Camping near Scottish lochs is a fabulous way to explore beautiful Scotland nad a must for those of you building your personal memory album of your experiences camping UK.

Search through these camping sites in Scotland for a pitch that suits your group's or family's needs. Click on a 'post-it' for a description of each loch; on each loch's page the campsites, holiday parks and touring grounds nearby the loch will be displayed. For more useful holiday planning information use the 'things to do' tab on each site's listing to get details of pubs, attractions, shops and restaurants nearby.

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