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Wild Swimming Camping

Wild Swimming Camping

Here you will find camping sites nearby some of the UK’s top wild swimming sites, so that you can plan a trip (or few) to a wild swimming site whilst camping, touring or motorhoming. Take a picnic and make a day of it, or sneak to a wild swimming spot early or late on for a more secluded experience. Some of you will be already describe yourselves as disciples of ‘Wild Swimming’ – you seek out opportunities and places to do open water swimming, to experience the freedom of your body moving through the exhilarating wilderness of rivers and lakes. Taking a revitalising swim in the early morning, when the rest of the world is not yet fully awake or through the evening light when the water around you takes on the colours of the setting sun, is an experience that many feel links us back to our past and strips away the layers of modernity that can clog our perceptions of the world, raising the spirits immeasurably.

Is it madness? Well, if throwing off the inhibitions that so often constrain us and having an incredibly liberating, spontaneous sensory experience is madness, then yes it could well be. It’s about health, well-being and invigoration, about memorable, grounding experiences.

Here we have identified campsites near wild swimming locations in the UK. And being located in beautiful natural surroundings, visiting our wild swimming hotspots will take you to regions of the UK that will deliver fantastic camping and touring holidays besides. Use our facilities search to find a campsite that suits your particular needs and our venue search to find attractions close-by each site. If you want to cycle to your wild swim, then use our cycle route search to show where each individual campsite is located in terms of local and national cycle routes. So, pack your cossie, a warm towel and a picnic basket alongside your tent and prepare to get wild!

Before you go wild swimming camping, make sure you read the top 10 safety advice list from the Royal Life Saving Society UK.

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