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UK campsites near golf

UK campsites near golf

Whether it is played for wellbeing, for fitness (did you know that playing an 18-hole game of golf burns at least 900 calories?), to bond with friends or make new ones, to get outside in the fresh air or for the challenge of a new course, golf continues to grow in popularity in the UK. It's a passionate sport, addictive and skillful and, if you choose your course carefully, you'll find yourself steeped in the landscape of some of the most beautiful spots in the UK.

And, because a love for the great outdoors is already a passion - a downright necessity - for campers and tourers, it stands to reason that a high percentage of those who are fervent supporters of camping UK, staycationing under canvas or supported by their faithful chasis, also enjoy a round of golf or two. These listings of UK campsites near golf are for you! Find campsites near celebrated and historic UK golf venues, more relaxed courses set withing beautiful natural surroundings and even campsites set within the grounds of a golf course, the club house only a few paces away from your tent, caravan or motorhome!

Camp or Tour Near the Best Golf Courses in UK

Whether you fancy a round of golf as part of your relaxing holiday experience or you are looking for a campsite near a specific golf course so that you can make playing there the centrepiece of your camping or touring holiday, these pages are for you. With campsites near many of the best golf courses in UK listed here, along with a wealth of other useful information on each site's individual listing under the 'things to do' tab, you should easily find the challenge and relaxation you are looking for.

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