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Camping in the Forest

Camping in the Forest

It is claimed by all manner of experts that being within a woodland or forest is very good for us humans, with a great deal of attention paid to the positive effects of our interaction with these much loved green spaces. Perhaps it's the healthy lifestyle that forest living generates, or the uplifting quality of light as it filters through chlorophyl? Forests are food for the imagination, full of stories, steeped in myth and legend, a link to the ancient past. Maybe it's our proximity to the forest as a symbol of mother earth that sets us straight, their tangible tranquility ironing out the creases that office-life and stress have created. Forests walks spark the imagination, exercising the legs and mind and the fresh air is palpable. Camping in the forest therefore serves up a double-whammy of well-being, allowing us to soak up fresh air from dawn 'til dusk and then some more. Foe many craving a connection with nature, being surrounded by trees and the mystique of the woodland is a popular camping UK choice.

Forest Camping

Of course, forest camping isn't just a summer affair; one of the delights of pitching up beneath the trees is the chance to experience the face of ever-changing seasons as they pass over the forest canopy and floor. Wildlife in the forest shifts with these seasons; hear the crescendo of spring birdsong; experience the rut of the deer in Autumn; watch the transformation of deciduous trees. People choose camping in the forest for health and wellbeing, yes, but also for beauty.

Active forest camping is also highly popular now, with many forests offering world class mountain-biking, Go-Ape centres, canoeing, horse-riding and climbing... if you want your peace shattered with excitement, there'll be plenty of opportunity!

Here you will find forest camping in woodlands and forests across the UK, with details of campsites, touring grounds and holiday parks listed. Click on each forest hotspot to find out more about what that location offers its visitors.

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