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Campsites near Birdwatching

Campsites near Birdwatching

You might be reading this as a seasoned birder looking to find a campsite in which to pitch up, before heading off with binoculars and notebook to a spot you've been meaning to visit for a while. Or you might be a new convert to birding, your interest perhaps piqued by what has become known as 'The Springwatch Factor' and there's no shame in that! Seasoned birders and newbies alike will find fascination in these UK hotspots, each a unique habitat in which UK birds and migrating visitors thankfully thrive. There are some fabulous family days out to be had at some of these sites too: Bempton Cliffs, Slimbridge Wetlands Centre and Gigrin Farm to name a few.

To help you plan your bird watching holidays, we have put together these listings of campsites near birdwatching. Click on a pin on the map to see how many campsites and touring grounds have been listed around each birdwatching hotspot and then peruse each site's listing to find your perfect pitch.

You can use the 'show on map' button to help you see where each campsite lies in relation to the birdwatching site or nature reserve you want to visit. You can also use our 'things to do' and 'cycle route' tabs on each site's listing to help you further plan your stay.

And what should you do if there's a great UK birding site that we haven't yet covered here? Tell us, using the feedback tab on the right of the screen and we'll add it, giving you a mention!

Happy birding!

Click on the pins to find more information on the hotspots.
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