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Dog Friendly Campsites

Dog Friendly Campsites

With so many Brits being dog-mindful, choosing to share their lives with their furry friends small and large, many campsites around the UK accept dogs. However this doesn't always make them super dog friendly. Truly dog friendly camping requires site owners' thought, planning and upkeep. So, we've put together these pages of the super dog friendly campsites UK has to offer your pooch - oh, and their owners are welcome too, of course!

So, what makes a truly dog friendly campsite? Well, of course they are all different, but it's great to take your dog for a pre-breakfast walk without having to trudge bleary eyed half a mile from your tent, motorhome or caravan. And an exercise field is very welcome, so that you can let Rover off the lead and chuck that favourite ball or new-found stick for him one hundred and one times before bedding him down for the night. The accessibility of waste bins can be an issue on some sites, so we like to see a few of these located about... and the bees-knees dog friendly campsites are those with plenty of other walking opportunities, either designated dog walking on-site or in nearby woodlands, on nearby footpaths or (the holy grail) on a year-round dog-friendly beach located just a few minutes walk from the campsite... now we're talking!

All of the campsites and touring grounds listed here have contacted us to say, "We consider ourselves super dog-friendly", meaning that you can expect as warm a welcome for the four-legged members of your family as the two-legged variety, as well as some dog-orientated facilities and site-modelling. And to make life even easier, we've also pinned the closest dog friendly pubs to each site on the map, so that you can plan a walk or cycle ride to a local eatery and watering hole during your stay.

Ah...planning your dog friendly holidays just got easier!

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