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Pubs with Campsites

Pubs with Campsites

There really isn't anything better (or British!), surely, than sitting in the afternoon sun, nestled between flowering hanging baskets with a jar or two of something refreshing in a pub garden? The hubbub of chatter and laughter, the clink of glasses and the smell of good food being served as the afternoon lengthens to evening? And, if you're travelling in the darker months of the year, who can resist a nightcap in the warmth of a log-burner or open-fire lit stone-clad, snug bar? Well, possibly there is one thing better than all of this - the ability to walk a few steps back to your place of rest, rather than worry about designated drivers or longer journeys home, wandering lost through the lanes looking for your campsite!

Pubs with campsites... or campsites with pubs?

For those of us whose hearts lie more with our motorhomes, caravans or our new Outwell tent, then we might like to consider these venues to be more campsites with pubs attached - a very convenient facility, alongside the washing up room and the underfoor heating in the showers! They are, whichever way you look at them, ideal venues for those wanting to enjoy the culture, setting and gastronomical benefits of a country pub. Stay at one of these pubs with campsites and get to know the local gossip and meet new friends in the pub garden, take advantage of any entertainment the pub has organised and get your gums around the goodies they offer on the menu and the local tipples on tap behind the bar, knowing that the comforts of your home-from-home are just a few metres walk away. That's what we call lovely!

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