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Camping near UK Scuba Diving

Camping near UK Scuba Diving

Scuba diving opens the door on an underwater world that takes everyone by surprise when they first start diving. Thought you ‘knew’ the British Isles? Well, get beneath the surface and you will see our beautiful country in an entirely new light; the wonderful world beneath the waves offers a heady mixture of excitement and tranquillity as you defy a human being’s lack of gills and the laws of gravity in some of the richest waters that the world has to offer.

Diving in the UK is quite simply a fantastic experience. Using these pages you can plan your camping diving trip with your buddy (the good type of buddy, that is, not the person who always spots more interesting things on a dive than you do; who knows the scientific names of all of those funny wavey fan things that attach themselves to rock faces; reveals to the rest of the dive group that your technique is all wrong; and then leaves you to wash out their gear at the end of the afternoon!) or plan to camp or caravan with that great group of friends that you have made through the sport. On these pages we have identified camp sites and touring grounds nearby the UK’s top diving destinations so that, after you have surfaced from the thrill of your daily dives, you can kick back at your tent, caravan or motorhome, re-fuel and relax, stoke up the barbeque and crack open a beer, reflect on your adventures and plan the excitement of the following day.

Whether you are already a certified Open water or Advanced Open water diver, PADI or BSAC minded, or you are a complete beginner and would like to learn and complete a diving course whilst on holiday, the scuba diving hotspots we have identified here all have a variety of marine environments to suit your needs. Reef dives, wreck dives, boat dives, shore dives, night dives, drift dives, deep dives – whatever your ability or preference – you can back roll off the rib or wade out from the shore to begin your day’s (or night's) adventures. These scuba diving hotspots are all serviced by reputable, experienced Dive companies offering tuition and boat dives, as well as air and gas refills.

But, perhaps you are the significant other of a fanatical scuba diver and he or she disappears off for chunks of the day, arriving back ruddy-faced, tousled, ravenous and smiling? These pages are for you too: these diving hotspots and all situated in regions that are fascinating to visit in their own right, offering great camping and caravanning besides.

So scuba fans out there, whether you are a camper, a caravanner or you own a motorhome, you can find a campsite which best suits you, your group’s or your family’s needs. And, because the dive sites we have selected are in such great areas of the UK in their own right, you can use our extensive venue search to identify facilities and attractions in the vicinity of each individual campsite so that you can plan how you will use your time on the surface before your next dive.

Let’s get wet - through these pages you can plan your dive and dive your plan.

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