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Camp near a Summer Festival

Camp near a Summer Festival

Ahhh! The Summer. Through the dark and often dingy winter months we reminisce; in the early summer we stir and begin to look forwards. And then, suddenly, one warm sunny morning, we realise that the coat we have on is making us uncomfortably warm, that the light is falling from above instead of reaching us on a slant and the wonderful realisation begins to's here! It's time to brush the dust off barbeques and tent bags; it's time to exchange empty gas canisters, throw open caravan windows and begin to plan when to head off to enjoy some summer camping and which camping sites to bless with our presence this season! And, there's nothing quite like a summer festival to get us into the party mood.

Campsite Chatter loves a festival, from more run of the mill music festivals to some of the less obvious summer festivals that have been locally grown across the UK, reflecting the passion and particular interests of those areas and communities. Making a summer festival the centrepiece activity of your touring or camping holiday is such fun - a chance to enjoy the sun and relax with plenty to see and do before heading back to your campsite for some more relaxation and battery-recharging. So, here we have listed some of the UK's best loved summer festivals and the campsites within a few miles of each festival.

Summer Festivals Camping

Here you'll find campsites nearby some of the fabulous Summer Festivals taking place around the UK: from Kite flying frestivals, to alternative food festivals, music festivals to fishing festivals. Some are vast, with thousands of visitors, others are far more intimate, local affairs, into which visitors are welcomed by the local communities. Click on the hotspots for a descriptoin of each event and to see the campsites within 5 miles of each summer festival.

Other Summer Festivals

Other summer-time celebrations of local and regional culture and history include the extensive programme of Agricultural Shows which punctuate the calendar in rural areas across the UK. Or, for something a bit more remote, you could head out to the Channel Islands for Alderney week, when a week long programme of activities, parties and events grip this tiny but perfectly formed island community.

Click on the pins to find more information on the hotspots.
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