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Pampered Camping

Pampered Camping

Although we have a great deal in common as campers and caravanners, what we look for in a campsite or touring ground can be remarkably different! One thing we tend to share is what we want to get out of being away from home: we go away to relax, to unwind, to experience an island of freedom and mindfulness in what can otherwise be fairly frantic full-on lives. And that's why we have created this particular specialism: pampered camping. For some of us this will mean access to a licensed, fully operational spa with a range of mind, face and body treatments. For others this will mean a chance to relax tired and aching muscles after a long day's cycling or a hard climb.

Here you will find a range of options for pampered camping, from Holiday Parks with full spa facilities and treatment rooms, to smaller campsites offering a more traditional camping experience but with the delights of a sauna or steam room thrown in as an unusual twist to make your camping holiday that bit more relaxing and memorable. Some of these are campsites with sauna facilities, others are campsites with steam room facilities. Some of these steam rooms are out in the woods! What they all have in common is that they are all campsites with pampering to some degree or another.

So, even if you are staying in your family heirloom 2 person tent, the seams of which are looking just a wee bit frayed these days, you can still treat yourself to a bit of luxury each day.

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