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Campsites near Great British Gardens

Campsites near Great British Gardens

Rose arbors, moated granges, classical summer houses and tree-lined avenues. Canal-ways, lakes and ponds all casting reflections. Herbaceous borders, formal gardens, sensory walks and sculpture parks. At Campsite Chatter we like a flower or two and, more importantly, we know that lots of you love to explore famous gardens around the UK. Which is why we have created this particular camping and caravanning specialism: places to pitch up nearby the best gardens to visit in the UK.

More often than not attached to some impressive heritage house, hall or structure, these great British gardens make fabulous centrepiece activities for a camping or touring break. Pack a picnic and explore woodland walks, formal gardens, fountain-lined avenues or secret, intimate corners in some of the most unusual and famous gardens in the UK...enjoying their manicured lawns, creative planting, expertly pruned trees and shrubs and fabulously weed-free beds without having to lift so much as a trowel - hooray!

Famous Gardens

On these pages you will find listings of the campsites near Great British Gardens across the length and breadth of our flower-loving nation. Click on a post-it below to see information about each individual garden and a listing of the campsites nearby.

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