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Quiet Campsites

Quiet Campsites

Hear that? What? That? I can't hear anything... Exactly! That's because you have just pitched up on one of the quietest campsites in the UK, a site away from towns or cities, away from road noise, a smallish site with no club-house, no laid on entertainment and only a modest number of pitches. In fact, the chances are that on these quiet campsites you will wake to birdsong, the rustle of breezes in hedgerows and trees, that you'll fall asleep to the lone call of a vixen at night or a hoot of a tawny owl in the trees above. Beware the noisy bees feeding from wild flower meadows - they cause a terrible din - and the call of sheep to their boisterous lambs in the nearby fields. Some of these quiet camping sites are situated along the shore line, so you might be 'disturbed' by the call of a manx shearwater at night and by the cries of gulls and kittiwakes during the day. At worst, you'll find reverie broken by the sound of kids playing in the meadow beyond, by the plonk of a stone being tossed into the brook aligning the campsite or, at the very worst, a tractor chugging past on a nearby lane.

The owners of these small, quiet campsites are keen to create a haven of peace and tranquility for their visiting campers, a niche nestled in the countryside where tired minds can be soothed and unwind and the imagination can wander without interruption. Read, walk, knit, play, write, snooze, ponder and explore and generally indulge in a spot of quiet camping. It's not that the owners are militant about silence or anything daft like that. Don't be put off - it's OK to talk on these quiet campsites, in fact you'll even be allowed the occasional burst of delighted laughter, the odd game of cricket, a laid back barbeque even. However there are some sensible rules to help ensure that nights are long, restful and peaceful (a number of these quite campsites have no-radio rules to prevent campers being disturbed and night-time curfews to ensure that everyone gets a decent night's kip, safe from early-hours partying that can grow rather thin for the neighbours after a night or two or revelry.)

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