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Campsites near Rock Pooling

Campsites near Rock Pooling

There really isn't anything quite as absorbing, quite as wonderful as nestling down among the rocks of a beach to explore the contents of the pools refreshed by the tide. While away hours and completely forget about the irritating hassles of life, getting back to the basics of beach-side fun with a net, a bucket and a smile.

Of course, if you are a parent, grandparent or you find yourself in charge of the kiddies for an hour, then using them as a great excuse to head for the rocks is ideal! Challenge yourself to catch twitchy shrimps, find tiny baby crabs, every one with a different pattern on its back to camouflage it against the pebbles and fragments of sand; discover orange-eyed blennies in crevices and under rocks and watch the play of sunlight over the incredibly intricate underwater world of each pool. It's mesmerising!

Rockpooling - food for the soul!

So, with a view to helping visitors to Campsite Chatter find peace, tranquility and some much-required sustainance for their inner child, as well as for those actual children whom we are holidaying with, we have created this page of campsites near rock pooling, pulling in the campsites, touring grounds and holiday parks nearby some of the best rockpooling beaches in the UK.

Pitch up, grab buckets and spades and head for the rock pools, making sure of course that you follow the rock pooling code:

1. Put all creatures back where you found them.
2. If you turn over rocks and stones, carefully put them back to cover the animals without squashing them.
3. Don’t leave animals in buckets or trays of water for too long (they may overheat), and replace them once you have looked at them.
4. Don’t put wildlife from rockpools (salt water) in freshwater.
5. Don’t use spades or other tools to prise off creatures attached to the rocks.
6. Be aware of where you are and the incoming tide.


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