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The A-Z of Town Camping

The A-Z of Town Camping

Like to base your camping or touring holiday around a vibrant, independent town? These pages are for you.

With the colonisation of the local high street by national and international brands in full swing up and down our nation, visiting an independent town is a breath of fresh air. Often hard won by the locals, the defence of their culture and identity pays off, as visitors enjoy the idiosyncracies of a family run tea-shop, a quirky cafe selling locally produced foods, a market that locals actually use and shops and pubs that sell a local pint and retain a local flavour. The A-Z of Town Camping is about enjoying aspects of a community and environment that can be found no where else.

Often based within areas of outstanding natural beauty, making one of these towns a base for your camping or touring holiday yields the best of both worlds: the beauty of the landscape and the warmth and welcome of a genuine, thriving community, complete with local accents and traditions. Visit farmers' markets, local museums, humble art galleries, town halls, beautiful churches and regional gardens to get under the skin of the place. Thank goodness for diversity!

Search our A-Z of Town Camping to find a location you'd like to explore. Use the 'cycle route' and 'things to do' tabs on each site's listing to help you plan your stay.

Click on the pins to find more information on the hotspots.
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