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Camping under Dark Skies UK

Camping under Dark Skies UK

At Campsite Chatter, because we are romantic and because we love to gaze up at the beauty of the night skies and lose ourselves after long, hard days of enjoyment and frivolity whilst camping, we have put together our very own dark sky map UK - a collection of UK camping sites which exist under some of the UK's most treasured and be-jewelled dark skies. Of course, there's not much we can do about the clouds (we have members of our team working on a vast blowing machine which can be set up along a county's boundaries, ready to blow any precipitous barriers to our enjoyment of the stars...but this is still in the prototype stage and might be a while in the coming...) but, given a bit of luck, staying at one of the campsites we have listed in these regions should afford you at least one night, if not more, of fascination and wonder as you lie back and lose yourselves in the vastness of the universe.

And, before we go any further, we should say a BIG THANK YOU to our member Peter Rusling who contacted us with the suggestion of this camping and caravanning specialism!

Of course the joy of camping under dark skies is that the UK dark skies regions are also those with the least pollution of any kind...quiet roads, very little infra-structure, a smattering of hamlets and villages as opposed to vast stretches of suburbs, towns and outskirts of cities. In fact there will be very little to get in the way of the resetting of your body clock and the re-balancing of your inner peace at all...

Dark Sky Map UK

Click on the hotspots below to find campsites in each of these dark sky regions ideal for a spot of star-gazing in the evening and into the night. Whether you are looking for a spot of wild, remote camping or for a well-appointed site with a dark field that you can trundle off to for your star gazing, you should find a spot for camping under dark skies here.

Click on the pins to find more information on the hotspots.
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