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Camping near Horse Riding

Camping near Horse Riding

What, pray, is it that draws us to horse riding? Well, it's a fantastic way to see and experience a landscape, for one. Plus it really is a multisensory experience, with the distinct smell of the horse's coast, the motion of its back, the oiled reins beneath your fingers all combining to produce lasting, tactile memories. There's the exhilaration at the power of your mount and the sense of satisfaction of working in partnership with such a beautiful animal, a relationship that stretches back over 12,000 years.

Whether your ideal ride involves a gentle trot along an ancient green lane to a local pub for lunch and back, or an exhilarating gallop across the open moor these options for camping near horse riding will place you within a saddle's length of a professionally run horse riding stables poised to offer you great horse riding days - a centrepiece of your camping or caravanning holiday. Horse riding holidays UK are increasing in popularity, and using the information on these pages, you can build your own!

Click on the red flag to read more about each featured riding stable, including their contact details and click on the 'things to do' tab on each campsite listing to discover over 1000 things to do in the vicinity of each site.

What are you waiting for? Saddle up and ride out, before heading back to the peace and tranquility of a fabulous camping pitch.

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