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Eco Camping

Eco Camping

Many UK campers are looking for all-mod-cons, all-singing-all-dancing camping sites upon which to enjoy their summer break. Others, however, prefer to strip away the layers of technology, of modern-life and enjoy a more back-to-nature camping experience, which embraces the simplicity of existing happily outdoors. If you've landed on this page of Campsite Chatter, it is likely that not only are you looking forward to embracing this simplicity, you are also looking to embark on a camping holiday which will keep your own carbon footprint to a minimum. Eco Camping is a growing phenomenon on UK campsites, with many campers actively seeking the clever ingenuity that Eco Camp sites put into play in order to keep the environmental impact of their guests to a bare minimum.

What is Eco Camping?

Good question! And there is no definitive list of features that all Eco Campsites must adhere to in order to be classed as Eco Camping. However, it is true to say that all of the Eco Campsites we have listed here have some core principles in common which drive the way that their sites are organised, managed and run and the way that campers are encouraged to behave whilst staying on site. The owners of all of these campsites are committed to having as little impact on the environment as possible and to enabling campers to experience new energy-saving and resourse-efficient ways of enjoying a camping holiday. This might be through rain water harvesting, through a no-car policy once on site, through the use of composting loos, through wood-chip burners to heat water on-site, through inventive and extensive recycling systems or through solar panel power generation.

Find an Eco Camp

Click on the post-it below to see a listing of campsites across the UK where you can Eco Camp, knowing that whilst enjoying the environment you are camping in, you are also taking positive steps to sustain that environment. Of course, all of these campsites are very different in nature - they come with entirely unique vital statistics! Click on each listing to learn exactly what each individual site does to lessen environmental impact and to discover the kind of experience you and your family will have whilst camping there.

Click on the pins to find more information on the hotspots.
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