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Campsites near Canyoning

Campsites near Canyoning

Canyoning? Eh? Well it's exactly what is says on the tin, really: the 'art', skill and exuberance of getting from the top of a canyon to the bottom. Canyoning bundles together a range of exciting methods of descent from abseiling, jumping, chuting, scrambling, swimming and sliding, white-water negotiation and some mountaineering thrown in for good measure: if you are looking to challenge yourself, bond with a group and enjoy the self-esteem gained from pushing yourself to your personal limits then it's just the activity for you. And we haven't even mentioned the fun!

Canyoning UK has grown in popularity amongst the adrenaline-seeking outdoorsy community and those who love to get under the skin of the environment they are exploring. These canyoning hotspots tend to be situated in remote and rugged locations, set amongst stunningly beautiful terrain. How else are you going to really experience remote limestone canyons, granite gorges and spectacular waterfalls than by donning your head-gear, wetsuits and rope bags and delving in?

Click on a canyoning hotspot and search through the listings of campsites near canyoning to find your ideal base from which to explore the natural environment. After the exhilaration of your day, head back to your pitch on a cloud of euphoria to celebrate your achievements with a beer or perhaps even two!

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