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The A-Z of City Camping

The A-Z of City Camping

Camping in the city? Eh?

Try to move away from mental images of pitching your tent on a hard pavement or in a corner of a city park for a moment and consider instead the power of staying on a campsite set on the outskirts of a city you'd like to visit, complete with decent facilities, the peace and tranquility of the countryside or suburbs but with easy access to everything that the city has to offer. Ah! Now we're talking.

Choosing a city campsite provides a unique angle from which to explore that hub. Arts, culture, history and architecture can all be enjoyed, followed by a beer or two back at your tent or in the comfort of your motorhome or caravan. Take in a show, throw yourself into a gig, head for the theatre or enjoy a street festival, before returning to your home-from-home and enjoying the benefits of back-to-nature camping.

And just think of the momey that you'll save on hotel bills or B&B...a trip to our capital to take in the sights comes with an unattractive price tage, even if many of the attractions you want to visit are free. The solution is, of course, to find yourself a campsite within easy access of the capital. Feel the excitement build on the journey in... and the blissful relaxation return on the journey out!

City campsites come in all shapes and sizes. Choose your city and then use the 'show on map' button to see where each site lies and the 'refine search' button to find a site with the facilities that best suit you, your family or group.

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