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Castle Camping

Castle Camping

Sometimes finding a setting where everyone can have a great day out can be tough. In our experience, toddlers need open spaces without access to fragile or valuable items that they might squeeze, smash or post down between the cracks in the floorboards. Youngsters require a stimulus for their imagination. Adults want everyone to be happy and if this includes a place to stop for a picturesque picnic, the chance to snap a few photos for the album and the opportunity to delve into some subject matter with a little more depth to it than Peppa Pig, then all the merrier. Well, a trip to a castle can provide excitement and stimulus for all and seeings as the UK's turbulent past has given rise to quite so many of them, we have created this Camping Specialism to help you find castle campsites nearby some of the UK's most treasured structures. Plan a spot of Castle Camping and build a fabulous day out around one of these fortified buildings. You can dream to your heart's content about owning the place (sidestepping the chilly issue of heating it in Winter!) before heading back to your own mobile canvas castle or caravan at a nearby campsite.

Of course, there will be those reading this who are already self-confessed castle-addicts. These folk need no persuading to the delights of exploring our rich cultural heritage through the medium of walls, the construction of castle keeps, the engineering that exists behind arrow slits and the murky depths of a castle's dungeons.

Heritage Camping

Clickon the post-it below to see listings for castles across the UK, with details of the local campsites, touring grounds and holiday parks helpfully listed. Make a visit to a celebrated castle the centrepiece of your UK camping trip and immerse yourself in the beauty, history and activity of these hubs of our national heritage.

Click on the pins to find more information on the hotspots.
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