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Build your own Climbing Holidays

Build your own Climbing Holidays

Using our pages on the campsites near Climbing UK wide, you can easily build your own Climbing Holidays, selecting campsites that suit your particular needs around the hundreds of climbable crags in each much-loved location. We have focused our attention on some of the UK's best loved climbing and bouldering regions, from Northumberland to Cumbria, from Derbyshire to Dartmoor, pulling in details of the campsites, holiday parks and touring grounds a short distance away from the action...and the odd pub of course for refreshments afterwards!

Whether you are a beginner climber, looking to do a bit of scrambling to get your eye in, whether you are looking to build a climbing holiday for a group or you are an experienced climber planning a weekend away, the climbing sites we have selected here have routes suitable for all abilities offering a fabulous opportunity for personal challenge in some of the most beautiful natural environments in the UK. Use our pages to plan your next camping-climbing weekend or week away and look forward to gloriously clean air, fantastic views and some memorable climbing experiences.

Campsites near Climbing UK

Click on a hotspot below to see the campsites near climbing in each of these regions, using the map to plan your weekend's climbing route. Perhaps you like to head back after a day's climbing to a wilder campsite offering a back-to-nature experience sat around a campfire? Others among you will want a few more facilities after a hard day's climb. Use the 'Things to do' tab on each site's individual listing to find out where the local pubs or eateries are for post-climb refreshment and refueling before your next day's excursions. Those of you wanting to combine their climbing with a spot of cycling will find the 'Cycle Route' tab on each site's listing really useful, with details of where the local, regional and national cycle routes run in relation to each individual campsite.

Click on the pins to find more information on the hotspots.
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