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Question: Why Should I Take CBD Products for Camping?

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Posted on 15 May 2020 21:07

Hi All!

First of all, I want to clarify that I am not a first time user of CBD products, but it is the first time when I am thinking to use it while camping. Yes, I have used it to improve sleeping, but according to my husband, we should take any of these CBD oils because I feel much pain in joints and muscles after some work at the camping site.

Though I was thinking to go with CBD gel but according to him, CBD oral drops are better than gel. Similarly, we also considering to purchased CBD salve for our upcoming travel to get rid of bug bites. What would be your suggestions if we have to pick one option between CBD salve or bug spray?

On the other hand, my friends are recommending us to keep CBD topicals to get relief from sunburns. As we are planning our camping journey in June, then the chances of sunburn are also high. It would be great if you share your suggestions about the best CBD topicals.

Please share your experiences about the use of CBD products while camping.

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