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Question: Right Mobility Scooter for Camping?

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Posted on 25 Apr 2021 18:43

Hi Everyone!

From the last 4 months, I am in New Zealand with my in-laws. Luckily, vaccination has completed here, and things are open again, especially the camping spots. That's why we are planning to go on a camping tour next week. In this regard, we shortlisted Blue Lake Holiday Park, Rotorua.

Indeed, it would be a good family venture after a long time, but as we are planning to visit with family, so I also need to make it very enjoyable for my mother-in-law. Actually, she has some leg problems, and it makes her a little uneasy while walking. To make this journey an exciting adventure, I am thinking to buy a mobility scooter for her. I found that BuzzAround Ex Extreme would be a good option. Do you think we should avoid using it on these surfaces? Or outdoor mobility scooters are enough good to ride on any surface?

In short, I need your suggestions and experiences. Share your thoughts.

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