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Question: Igloo Vs. IKICH Portable Ice Maker for Camping?

This question is clear and useful
This question is unclear and not useful
Posted on 01 May 2021 15:41


As a responsible mother, I never plan a camping trip without having the all essential items. Indeed, the entire family is planning for 15 days camping tour. In this regard, we have hired an RV and purchased necessary camping items. Withal, as summers have been started so I am also thinking to buy a good portable ice maker.

In this regard, I shortlisted two ice makers. One is IKICH, and the second is Igloo. Although after reading this Igloo model review, I am thinking to buy this one because it makes ice cubes in 7 minutes. By the way, my husband is also in favour of IKICH because it makes 26 pounds in 24 hours.

In short, I am confused and need your suggestions.

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