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Question: Starting A Camping Blog

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Posted on 13 Jul 2021 22:41

As a regular camper, I was thinking of starting my camping blog for many years, but finally, I will start it this month. Though many of my friends suggested going with a vlogging option but honestly, I don't have much interest in making videos of all of my trips. But yes, I share trip guides, experiences and few images with readers.

In this regard, I have purchased a domain and probably would like to proceed with WordPress because it is easy to use for me. Withal, for my posts, I am thinking to try something new. Do you think instead of sharing a complete video, it would be a better idea if I make an animated banner for every article? I am willing to use any animation banner maker tool like this to perform this activity but do you think it is going to work to give my readers a better idea of my camping journeys?

If any of you have tried such exciting tools, then you can also share your experiences. I would also like to know your thoughts about camping blogs.
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