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Question: How to Stream NFL While Camping?

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Posted on 05 Aug 2021 21:27


I am a great fan of the NFL and just heard the news about the NFL Preseason matches. Though I follow NFL news but this time, I wasn't much aware of these matches. The first match of the preseason is on 12 August, and I am in much confusion about how I would watch them while camping.

Yes, my family has planned a camping trip from 10 August to 21 August. We are keeping our RV where smart TV and Fire TV Stick is available. According to my husband, we can watch the NFL on Firestick by using any app like Hulu or fuboTV. Withal, isn't it a better idea to stream NFL matches on them on a smart device like a tablet or smartphone? In this way, we can watch them in our camps as well.

What are your suggestions? What are your recommendations for signal booster?

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