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Question: What to Feed Sensitive Stomach Cat While Camping?

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Posted on 17 Oct 2021 12:04


I am planning to start our camping journey away from the urban areas and thinking to take two of my cats and one dog with me. I want to spend some time alone with my pets in a nature-friendly place. However, I noticed that I couldn't stock such massive canned food for my cats.

Yes, they have sensitive stomachs, and I usually give them these kinds of medically certified canned food. I can buy these cans daily, but I am not able to invest in extensive stocks. I am here to know your experiences with sensitive stomach cats while camping.

Also, can I use any other food items for them during my camping journey? Secondly, the fridge of my motorhome is also not big enough, which is why it could also be challenging to keep canned food safe while travelling.

What do you recommend? Please share your thoughts.

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