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Question: Campsite Sports Rental Equipment?

This question is clear and useful
This question is unclear and not useful
Posted on 01 Jul 2020 11:29


During my stay at different campsites, I usually noticed people come with their own sports equipment. Even sometimes, it becomes tough to carry several sports stuff in your motorhome. However, I am here to know your views about sports rental equipment near campsites? Did you find any ad or board of such service?

Actually, I am planning to start a campsite sports rental equipment service online. Basically, people would share their campsite location with us, and we will provide them with sports equipment on rent. I am only considering to hire delivery staff in this regard and our tasks I would prefer to handle via all in one software. Probably, I would like to go with any of these software . I am not sure either people are working already in this specific campsite sports rental niche or not. I would be grateful if you share your views and suggestions.

Waiting for your responses.


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