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Campsite on Lundy

Lundy Island lies off the coast of North Devon offers a wide range of activities - walking, diving, snorkeling, climbing, bird watching, fishing, snorkeling, photography and painting to name a few - all on a tiny island surrounded by marine conservation waters. Lundy is peaceful, it's timeless and utterly beautiful. Owned by the National Trust, conservation of the landscape and preservatoin of the island's 23 buildings protects the island and it's wildlife. Surrounded as it is by crystal clear waters, you can look back on the mainland and breathe!

Here you will find details of the only campsite on Lundy island, lying at the heart of this. Enjoy everyhting that Lundy island camping has to offer. You are more than likely to return and join the ranks of the 'Lundyites', as they are known.
Lundy Island
EX39 2LY

Pitches: 40
Pitch Types Available
Tent Pitches
The campsite on Lundy has room for up to 40 people and is in the centre of the village close to the tavern and the shop. Lundy's beauty, community and way of life make a world apart and, despite its size, a stay here never fe  ...more
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