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Campsite on Piel island

Where, I hear you say?

Piel Island lies half a mile off the Southern tip of the Furness peninsula in Cumbria; one of the islands of Furness, it is the location of the English Heritage owned Piel Castle.

The island is a haven for wildlife and many different species of sea bird can be found living on its shores. And when you arrive, you'll be forgiven if you think that you have been sucked into some kind of time portal and been transported back a few hundred years! Piel's rich history - it was the launch pad for an invasion five centuries ago - coupled with the oddities of the island - the landlord of the only pub, The Ship Inn Piel Island, is 'crowned' the King of Piel - makes it an unusual holiday destination that seems to hang in the clouds when viewed from other local islands and the mainland.

The pub serves great local food and drink and you can camp in the ruins of a castle - what more could you ask for?
Piel Island

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Situated on the tip of the Furness Peninsula, Piel Island is a jewel that the traveller can stumble across the be won over by forever. This charming little 50 acre island, steeped in history, has a king, a castle and a pub,   ...more
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