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The Road Trip

Last year was a very eventful year for me and my darling wife. I finally bit the bullet and retired from a life of toil after 53 Years. To celebrate this illustrious occasion we decided to go on a jolly around the Rockies in the USA. We started in Denver and travelled about 2500 miles,over a 3 week period by hire car. Taking in Mount Rushmore, Yellowstone park, Glenwood Springs, before returning full circle to Denver. During this road trip we were amazed to see the size of the American tourers and the lovely lay out of many of their touring sites. I must admit my Bailey Senator would have looked rather tiny by comparison, and our UK sites very compact. That was last August so we still had plenty of time after the grand tour to enjoy the rest of the season on our seasonal pitch up the Dales.

We are now looking forwards to the start of the new season in March on a new caravan site in the Dales. After 4 years on our last site I thought we needed a change of scenery.They say a change is a as good as a rest, I hope so because my wife loved the site we were on, and I'll be right in the dog house if it doesn't work out.

The move shouldn't be too traumatic though, the new site is only seven miles away. So at least we can pop up and still see our friends.

I'll provide an update on the new site and how the move went once we ensconced on our new pitch.
Roll on Spring

Raymond Turner
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