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My best camping holiday


Last year my family and I took a camping trip to Tuscany. We lived at a luxury campsite with very good facilities and with funny activities for the kids. We had rented a mobile home with a cozy terrace, kitchen, airconditioning and so on. We were surprised so well this mobile home was furnished, we did not feel that we were missing anything, it was perfect for our family.
We have for years dreamed of af camping holiday in Italy. We have only been on charter trips, but we wanted to try something new - a different kind of holiday, so we choosed camping.
At the campsite in Tuscany, our kids found new playmates to play and have fun with - it was great to see. My husband and I also fell into conversation with other campers, they were all so kind, they invited us for dinner several times.
On our holiday we experienced a completely different atmosphere, we socialized with other people, and there was no stress at all, it was such a relief!
From our campsite we had only 5 min. to the most magnificent beach. At the beach we spent many hours every day. We swam, played and relaxed. It was fantastic! When it was too hot at the beach, we went back to the campsite and took at swim in the pool, or enjoyed ourselves on the terrace on our mobile home, where we played cards and read stories.
We also had the opportunity to explore Tuscany in the evening and in the daytime. We experienced the beautiful and unique natural, we tasted local wines and explored Tuscany's famous food culture.
It is certainly not the last time that we take a camping trip to Tuscany; it has undoubtedly been the best holiday we have ever been on. We are already planning our next Camping holiday in Italy – we found the most fantastic campsite, Marina di Venezia at – we are so excited to go on a luxury camping holiday next summer!
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