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how i got in to caravaning after 20 years away.

It started 12 years ago when i was invited to a fishing trip in Holland as someone had droped out of the group and they had paid for the cottage, so i joind the group and had a great time over there and was invited back the next year aswell so once again i was in for the trip, but the 3rd year no one could go so i packed my camping gear and set off forHolland found a camp site called Weergors and had a good week met loads of people from the uk who said they visit every year and a retiered coupl who also go every year and have a caravan who were staying on the same site as i was and they showed me around there van and at that time i thought this is what i need so when i got home had a word with my wife who agreed and said lets see if we can find a cheap one for you we did and i used this for the next three years staying at the same site and useing that for a base and then decided to go for a nearly new van and ended up buying a Compass omega 524l at 2 years old i still have this van and still travel to Holland every year and now stay for at least a month normaly June as at 299 euro's for the month and that includes elec and the site is still as clean and fresh as the first time i went they have a full time ground crew doing grass trees and bushes and they have people that book for up to 6 months at a time the camp site i use is called DE-QUACK.NL if anyone wonts to have a look for them selfs there is so much to do and see that even after 12 years of going i have only seen a part of it so another 12 to 15 years i may need to move over a bit maybe to Belgium or Germany the couple who i met at Weergors still go every year and are also on DE-QUACK and stay for a least a mounth as well it now seems to be like a yearly meeting and as soon as someone see's you arrive it Hi good to see you again are brian/grace coming again this year and the reply is always yes of course not much more i can say on the topic of how i got back in to caravaning so will call it a day on the subject and say bye.
Steve Wells
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