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sheepcoat valley in brighton

im new to camping in fact last august 2013 it took my son and daughter and myself nearly 2 hours to assemble the new 8 person tent but what fun we had.sheepcoat valley a great location for the brighton marina and just a brisk 30 minute walk to the famous palace pier.sheepcoat is home to caravans and 3 levels of tent fields with very clean toilet and shower blocks and excellent helpfull friendly hoping as now im trying to have a more relaxed and slower paced leisure time that the people on this site might recommend some excellent sites i may enjoy i live in chorley which is in the northwest of father lives in brighton where im originally from.
terry Robinson
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Rob Ackroyd

It still takes me a while to pitch our tent and I'm supposed to be seasoned!

Comment Posted: 17 May 2014 19:53
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